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Donald Kerry Frey Presents the News You Can Use:

October 25, 2018

The primary mission of Donald Kerry Frey’s news site, Frey Robotics is to provide readers with the latest and most useful technological information, in a way that is fuller and more useful than ever before. It is based on Donald’s notion that it’s possible to inform people about the current state of technology without making them more anxious about it. Along the same lines, Donald created the straight news site Nova Tribune as a way to present the news with an even hand.

It seemed to Donald Kerry Frey that every news site approached news from one side or the other, so the Nova Tribune strives presents news from all sides. Donald Kerry Frey has always had a passion about both the consumption and the production of information. In particular, he wants to learn how best to use information to make people more knowledgeable and informed over the long term. He has always strived to better understand information consumption and to better teach people how to use the information they receive in a way that makes the whole world better.