October 25, 2018
The primary mission of Donald Kerry Frey’s news site, Frey Robotics is to provide readers with the latest and most useful technological information, in a way that is fuller and more useful than ever before. It is based on Donald’s notion that it’s possible to inform people about the current state of technology without making them more anxious about it. Along the same lines, Donald created the straight news site Nova Tribune as a way to present the news with an even hand.

It seemed to Donald Kerry Frey that every news site approached news from one side or the other, so the Nova Tribune strives presents news from all sides. Donald Kerry Frey has always had a passion about both the consumption and the production of information. In particular, he wants to learn how best to use information to make people more knowledgeable and informed over the long term. He has always strived to better understand information consumption and to better teach people how to use the information they receive in a way that makes the whole world better.
April 25, 2018
It is simply a fact that Donald Kerry Frey has possessed something of a passion for information consumption, as well as a keen interest in how it works. You see he isn’t just interested in how he can get as many people as possible to read, he wants to know why people read and why some seem compelled to consume as much information as possible. These days, Donald is something of an information entrepreneur with a goal of making as many people as possible more knowledgeable and a lot smarter. More information doesn’t, in and of itself, make people smarter; the quality of information plays a significant role, as well.

It was, in fact, Donald Kerry Frey’s impressive background as a tech entrepreneur that seems to have served as an impetus for his decision to establish his media website, Frey Robotics, which can be found at freyrobotics.com. Donald established Frey Robotics as a media outlet that does far more than inform people about new technology. No, Donald Kerry Frey wants more people to understand the future that is coming in a way that makes them less fearful and provides them with more peace of mind than the traditional media gives them.

Donald Kerry Frey believes strongly that presenting information on the current state of technology can be done in a way that makes them less stressed. The fact of the matter is, automation and robotics are the future and they have the potential to move society forward by making relatively simple tasks more efficient and effective. Instead of being fearful of a future with robotics, information consumers should feel a little peace of mind. That is the primary purpose of Frey Robotics.